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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed

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Wow! I just joined your site and I have to say that it is BY FAR the best no-BS how-to technically oriented performance site I've found. Thanks for the great work!

Sam Wolanyk

How to be Featured

What is the process for applying to have an article done on my car - if you’re interested? I have a Eunos Cosmo 20B.


Send us a brief overall description of the car (engine, brakes, interior, body, etc) together with a coupe of images and we’ll take it from there.

Cutting the Speed Cut

I would like to remove the speed cut in my car - a Mitsubishi Galant VR4 with a 6A13 2.5 litre V6 twin-turbo. Is there a wire I can cut?


You might need to do more than cut a wire. We suggest talking to ChipTorque (+61 7 5596 4204 Also, if you’re interested in a DIY approach, check out these articles: DIY Modification of Car Electronic Systems - Part 1, DIY Modification of Car Electronic Systems - Part 2 and DIY Modification of Car Electronic Systems - Part 3

More on Effective Gear Ratios

Re “Tyre Diameter Question” (Response... Thanks for the reply. I have since found a great site with a calculator and formula for finding the effective gear ratio change when changing tyre size. Check out the following link...

Dan Gigante

Needing More Info

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I was on the AutoSpeed website and was wondering if you have more pics and more information about the light candy green Subaru WRX 'EEZZEE' that was in your article (Green GC8)?


We don't have any more pics or info. You should be able to get in contact with the owner, Fadie Nahas, through the team at Croydon Racing Developments. Croydon Racing Developments can be contacted on +61 2 9648 4264

Fuel Saver Product Testing

I was wondering if you guys will be or would think about doing an assessment of the fuel saving devices now on the market - like the Vaporate and Fitch Fuel Catalyst? I am very interested in seeing a road test of these items and to see what you motor journalists think of them.

Christopher Randell

At this stage we don’t have any plans to test these types of products.

Typhoon on its Way?

Could you please get a hold of the FPV Typhoon (F6) and do a new car review? I would love to see one of those cars being combed over by you guys. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Great mag!

Joey Chau

We’ll see what we can arrange!

Edge of Seat!

I absolutely loved the article "When One Mistake Can Kill" – I was at the edge of my seat!

Eric Stadig

Home Mod’d Falcon

I thought I'd write in as your readers might be interested in the modified air intake on my Ford Falcon Forte AUI...

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I decided to fit a SS Inductions cold air scoop and collector designed for the AU XR6 – this photo shows the scoop and collector plate. Fitting the XR6-spec collector plate to my AU Forte required only a slight bend in the top right-hand extension (due to the Forte’s different grille).

I also modified the post-filter section of the airbox.

Click for larger image

The lid of the AU airbox has an internal pick-up tube that tapers to just 55mm diameter (thanks to a restrictor on the outside of the airbox). I replaced this pick-up tube with the larger one from the EL Falcon. The EL pick-up tube has a tapered section inside the airbox, which gives a minimum diameter of 75mm. This might not seem like much difference but, doing the maths, the cross-sectional area of pipe has increased by 69 percent... I then further increased intake airflow by cutting off the tapered section on the EL pick-up tube. This photo shows the AU airbox lid together with the cut EL pick-up tube.

Click for larger image

The EL pick-up tube was installed using the same fittings and bolts as standard. The tapered section of pipe normally found on the outside of the AU airbox was removed and a flexible tube (from a BA Falcon) was fitted in its place. This photo shows the finished product.

I don't have any comparative performance figures for you - all I can say is the improvement is really noticeable. The engine spins freely and has lost that choked feeling. And, as a plus, I used Ford parts so it looks like it is totally original equipment.

Click for larger image

I have also fitted an electric water pump and it is just amazing how much power the mechanical pump needs to move the water around. However, I didn't fit the electric pump as recommended for several reasons. Firstly, the bottom hose is rather crowded on the AU so I decided to fit it in the top hose - fortunately the reservoir is higher than the radiator so there is less likelihood of pumping air. Secondly, the fins on the mechanical pump were not removed as suggested so I still have cooling backup if needed. Okay, so at high revs the manual pump is probably going faster than the electric pump, but the water is already moving so it doesn't rob too much power. The other downside is that I have the electric pump running 100 percent of the time rather than on demand. I also don't have the luxury of circulating water after having stopped the engine. But there is one interesting benefit of the electric pump; the typical Ford engine noise has suddenly disappeared. It was a real shock on starting the engine for the first time after installation – it sounded so different it was like being in another car! That was after fitting the electric pump over two years ago - and I'd never want to own a car without one.

Peter Bailey

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