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Dodge Nitro

My name is Jason and I own a 2007 Dodge Nitro and love it, now I know it is not a hardcore 4WD but it does the job I need it to do out of the farm, I have a passion for Dodge and have made an aussie online Dodge Car club, Forum and community for all modern Dodge makes. It is going well and we have plenty of members, more join with each shipment of new Dodges, we now get nearly 400 000 hits on the site per month, have some sponsors and are a great bunch of people.

I would love you guys to drop in and have a look, see what you think and I hope I can make it in your magazine one day with my Nitro and website. Us Dodge drivers are passionate and love our cars and I would love to let the world know about my forum and tell the world about how good the Dodge Nitro is, I have the Luxury pack and have added many accessories and every single day I get people just staring, asking about it and taking photos ive had it for a year and every single day I get this..and I aint joking!

Please feel free to contact me by email or phone at anytime as I would love to liase with you guys sometime.



Polishing Wheels

"Polishing? You can also elect to have the wheel polished to a shiny aluminium finish. The preparation is much the same as shown here but the costs can be significantly higher, especially on wheels with a complex design."


Go to Bunnings. Take $50 with you. Buy an alloy polishing kit. The pack contains two small buffs, two blocks of soap and an arbor that fits in a hand drill. Oh! Buy a $20 hand drill, 240 volt type, a battery job won't cut this operation. Buy a set of goggles. Buy a block of SOLVOL soap. On the way home stop at St Vinnies and buy a couple of old shirts and pants.

Read the instructions on the kit. Apply to wheels. About 4 hours a wheel seems right.

Don't forget to wear the safety goggles - shit goes everywhere and you can be one eye from night in a flash. Keep your mouth closed, the spray tastes like shit. Wear the old clothes, throw 'em away when you finish. You bought a shit box drill so you can throw that away too - the polish gets into the drill and the side load you are putting on it will chew the bearings out right quick - don't use a good drill.

You bought the Solvol so you get yourself clean. You will look like a refugee from the Black & White Minstrel show. Allow another four hours to scrub yourself too.

By the time you have finished you will know why professionals charge $400 a wheel.

But with a bit of care even ordinary wheels can look extraordinary.

Mike Rocks



Your article on Performance Economy cars contains an error. With regards to the VW Golf 2.0 TDi produces 103kW and 320Nm torque.



Thanks – fixed.

Missing the Boat

Hi guys, At a time when the world of automotive drivers is anxiously awaiting a messiah to come forth with a substitute for our present fuel (which has skyrocketed to an unbelievable price) Autospeed has turned a blind eye to this dreadful situation and not written any articles on Hdrogen Cells, Fuel Enhancers, Water Fueled Cars, etc. Thousands of Auto Enthusiasts have joined many types of Yahoo groups and others to attempt to solve the high cost of Auto Fuel problem. I was sure that Autospeed would follow suite and jump on the wagon by coming out with a diy hydrogen cell or a plasma spark that would enable burning a cheaper fuel (water and gasoline etc.). I very much like your articles but they are directed to mostly a very special group of auto enthusiasts. Today the masses are looking for a low price fuel solution for now immediately and the future. If I missed articles or kits on this subject that you have written then forget this e-mail. To the best of my knowledge I haven't seen much on this topic in Autospeed. Regadless, I think you are missing the boat. There is an open window awaiting you that can use your experience and knowledge.



Nuclear Power Overlooked

In your article, "Assessing the Alternatives" you compare the well-to-wheel efficiencies of many fuel types based on a published paper. However, you fail to mention nuclear energy. Especially the new type of "Very high temperature" reactors which can actually make hydrogen as a product of their operation at much higher efficiencies. The new reactors can adjust output between power production and hydrogen production, allowing mass amounts of hydrogen to be produced during the low demand hours of night. Now, I don't have any hard figures on this and I'm no expert; but from what I've seen, heard, and read, hydrogen fuel cells become very plausible with modern nuclear power reactors.

Do you have any information on the subject in relation to the article? I'd like to see an updated version of the article with nuclear power included in the graphs. It looks to me like the logical solution to the energy crisis.

For some associated reading check out:

Chris Katko

United States

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