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Ignition coil dwell time

26 Aug, 2014

The effects of changing dwell time


29 Jul, 2014

Ifs, buts and maybes....

Aero Timeline

6 May, 2014

The aerodynamic development of Mercedes large sedans from the 1950s to the 1990s

Nitrogen Hot Air Welding of Plastics

8 Apr, 2014

A new approach to plastic welding

The Syner-D Research Diesel

11 Mar, 2014

A unique mix of existing technologies

Carbon Fibre and its Repair

28 Jan, 2014

It's becoming increasingly widely used but how do you fix crash damage in it?

Fitting Front Camber Adjusters

15 Oct, 2013

The step-by-step of fitting a front camber kit

Natural gas the way of the future?

3 Sep, 2013

Is natural gas the fuel of the future for road cars? It's cheap, clean and widely available.

Making sense of vibrations

20 Aug, 2013

The key to understanding lots of car-related things!

Real World Fuel Savers

20 Aug, 2013

Three DIY electronic approaches that will improve your car's fuel economy

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